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En primeur

En Primeur in Bordeaux En primeur has existed since the 18th century as a way for Bordeaux to sell unfinished wine. Negociants, or merchants, would purchase wine at a discount six months after harvest. They aged the wine themselves, sold it at full price and profited for their time and sales contacts. The chateau didn’t […]


General With 550,000 acres planted, and almost every wine-growing country producing it, Merlot has become an international grape. It home is the Right Bank of Bordeaux, where it is often blended with Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. There are also significant plantings in the south of France, Northeast Italy, California, Chile and Australia. Merlot surged […]


Riesling is the 11 th most planted white varietal in the world, and 21 st overall. Its parentage is Traminer, and a cross of Gouais Blanc and Vitis Vinifera Silvestris (a wild vine growing in the forests of the upper Rhine). Riesling was planted in Germany as early as the 11 th century, but was […]